Versus is a game mode where you can play with your friends (up to 4). It features 6 different games. You can unlock versus mode by completing the game.


In Sumo your goal is to make your opponent fall down and not to fall down youself. Arena consists of some platforms and walls. There are 4 arenas for 2 players and 2 arenas for 4 players (2vs2).


The name speaks for itself. You have to win a game of football. There are 4 arenas for 2 players and 2 arenas for 4 players (2vs2).


Greed is a 2-player game. The goal is to collect more coins than your opponent. The coins will be falling from above. There's also a time limit of 2 minutes. There are 4 different arenas for this game.


Another game for 2 players. The goal is very simple - you have to kill your opponent before he kills you. There are 4 arenas, which mostly consist of some breakable blocks and spikes.


And another game for 2 players. This is just some sort of a small race: a straight tunnel with some obstacles. There are 4 arenas for this game.


This game can be unlocked by completing the game on normal difficulty. The goal is simple - you have to collect all the coins before your opponent does. This game is for 2 players, too. There are 4 arenas with plenty of coins on them.