Paunchy Chops

Paunchy Chops

Paunchy Chops

Official concept artwork for Paunchy Chops by Edmund McMillen.

"I be jus' lookin' to talk s' all. HAR HAR HAR, good ol' Paunchy gonna be cookin' up some tar-iffic gumbo dis night I garontee!"

Paunchy Chops is the boss of The Forlorn Hollow. Paunchy is a ghost, which lets him go through solid blocks, but makes him vulnerable to light. On a battle with him Gish will have to reach a lever on the end of a dark cave. The level will open the ceiling, the sunlight will come in the cave and Paunchy will vanish.

In addition, Paunchy makes a second appearance in the secret warp zone in The 7 Planes of Hehenna.

Trivia Edit

  • In the 2014 game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, also published by Team Meat, a boss known as "The Haunt" was added, who was most likely based on Paunchy, in that they are both ghosts, who bear similar facial expressions, and can phase in and out of corporeality.