Brea calling for help

Brea is Gish's girlfriend. They were living happly together until one day a shadowy creature kidnapped her. Brea was then taken underground and put in a cage by Hera. Hera was in love with Gish, so she captured his girlfriend and kept her as a hostage. Now Brea's fate is in Gish's hands. Despite the fact he has no hands. But that's not a problem.

On the last stage of the game, Gish approaches Hera and she confesses in love with him. Gish doesn't answer anything, so Hera takes this as a rejection and attempts to kill him. When he finally kills Hera, burning her in lava, the rope which the cage is hanging on tears, and Gish has to catch the cage. If he does that, they live happily ever after and become entomologists. And if he fails, Brea burns to death, and Gish goes on to live a life of celibacy.